The Normans, ELI-9

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The Normans
(Elite 9)

Author: David Nicolle
Illustrator: Angus McBride

Paperback; January 1987; 64 pages

About this book
Despite the small geographic extent of Normandy its people played a crucial role in the history of the medieval world. Ferocity, boundless energy, cunning and a capacity for leadership were their heritage, to which modern scholars would add supreme adaptability and a simple piety. Their amazing military successes resulted from careful planning, speed of movement, decisiveness, daring and sheer ruthlessness. Added to this was a strong business sense and an appreciation of the value of money. Veteran Osprey author David Nicolle describes the history, arms and armour of the remarkable Normans in this fascinating volume.

The Authors:
Born in 1944, David Nicolle worked in the BBC's Arabic service for a number of years before gaining an MA from the School of Oriental and African Studies, London, and a doctorate from Edinburgh University. He has written numerous books and articles on medieval and Islamic warfare, and has been a prolific author of Osprey titles for many years.

Angus McBride was one of the world's most respected historical illustrators, who contributed to more than 90 Osprey titles over three decades. Born in 1931 of Highland parents but orphaned as a child, he was educated at Canterbury Cathedral Choir School. He worked in advertising agencies from 1947, and after national service, emigrated to South Africa where he lived for several years before relocating to Ireland. Angus sadly passed away in 2007.


  • The Norman Legacy
  • Arms, Armour and Tactics
  • The Normans in Normandy
  • The Normans in Britain and Ireland
  • The Normans in Italy and Sicily
  • The Normans in the East
  • The Plates

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