Make your own medieval clothing - Basic garments for Women

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To be dressed historically correct as a medieval re-enactor - it could not be simpler: the range of garments that those interested in the Middle Ages can now make themselves stretches from High to late Middle Ages (1200 to 1500), and from a simple maid to lower gentry. Panels with lifelike, coloured illustrations revive the different medieval classes through their clothing and accessories. Clear, easily understandable pictures lead you through all the processes. Starting with the sewing techniques used in the Middle Ages even the layman learns how to neaten fabric edges, attach sleeves and make cloth buttons. "The colourful pictures and rich illustrations penned by Rolf Fuhrmann turn looking at this book into a pure treat and add to Wolf Zerkowski's texts perfectly." (Jürgen Ludwig, website landsknechtsportal) "Thus this book is truly a great work, and surely an enrichment for those who seek a fundamental, practical approach to medieval fashion." (Pax Et Gaudium, 2004),

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